Posted by: Bethan Jenkins | 03/02/2014

You say goodbye, and I say hello

After a good deal of fiddling behind the scenes, I am pleased to be able to tell you that the Wellcome Unit Library Blog has a new home! Bodleian Libraries are moving their blogs to a new custom platform, with a new blog aggregator, where our colleagues’ blogs can also be found.

Email subscribers will be moved over to the new blog over the course of the day – please click the link in the email you will receive to confirm you want to follow the blog; If you are following on an RSS reader, you’ll have to resubscribe. All the posts on this blog have been migrated to our new home, and this blog will be deleted on the third of March.

We really hope you’ll join us over at our new blog! Find us at

Hope to see you there!



  1. I am with the US National Library of Medicine and am doing a monographic series for Elsevier on the history of toxicology and environmental health. The first two volumes focus on toxicology in antiquity (Volume I published – and Volume II forthcoming next month). Another volume on Medieval Toxicology is in the planning stages. I am trying to reach Charles Webster, who had been affiliated with your unit , to invite him to author a chapter on the influence in toxicology of Paracelsus, about whom he has written a book. Would you have an e-mail address or other information for Charles Webster or ask him if he’d be kind enough to contact me? Thank you very much. – Phil Wexler

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