Posted by: iholowaty | 02/09/2011

New books in the library (02/09/11)

New books added to the Wellcome Unit Library this week:

Surgeons of the Fleet: the Royal Navy and its medics from Trafalgar to JutlandBodies of knowledge: the medicalization of reproduction in GreeceBrown-Séquard: an improbable genius who transformed medicine

A modern history of the stomach: gastric illness, medicine and British society, 1800-1950Influenza and public health: learning from past pandemicsHealth and hygiene in Chinese East Asia: policies and publics in the long twentieth century

House on fire: the fight to eradicate smallpoxObesity: the biography

Locating health: historical and anthropological investigations of place and health

An infinity of things: how Sir Henry Wellcome collected the worldThe sense of suffering: constructions of physical pain in early modern cultureHealth in the marketplace: professionalism, therapeutic desires, and medical commodification in late-Victorian London

Ludwik Hirszfeld: the story of one lifeMedicine in the remote and rural north, 1800-2000

For more new accessions please see our Recent Acquisitions page or our LibraryThing account.


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